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Welcome to the CMVSC Store

Throughout the years, we have promoted several innovative and useful products through our training seminars.  We now offer many of these items for sale.

Please scroll through this page to view and order* all our products.

** Law enforcement or government agencies utilizing Purchase Orders, or for orders to be shipped outside of the United States, or to receive discounted shipping charges for multiple items or large orders, please email your order to:

Height Stick

Height Stick
Allows for fast and easy measurement of the height of vehicles and loads. Extends to 15 feet, reads in 1/2 inch intervals.

Part #:
                        Price: $199.95 (S&H $19.95)

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Spring Tech Tool

Spring Tech Tool
Fast and easy way to remove return springs.

Part #:
105-1SP                    Price: $59.00 (S&H $12.95)

Roadside Tool

Roadside Inspector’s Tool
Designed for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspector. Stainless steel soapstone holder, laser engraved, soapstone, ruler, with the 1/4” out of service gauge for friction material, as well as a gauge for determining brake drum wear beyond .120 inches!

Part #: 104-1RS                    Price: $28.00 (S&H $6.95)

Shop Tool

Shop Tool
Stainless steel soapstone holder, laser engraved, soapstone, ruler, Similar to the Roadside, but has the “change point indicator” for friction material wear.
Part #: 104-2ST                    Price: $28.00 (S&H $6.95)

Pocket Tech Tool Short

Pocket Tech (Shorter Length) Tool
Designed for vehicle maintenance inspection that gives you an exact brake lining measurement remaining. Easier access with air ride suspensions.
Price: $19.00 (S&H $6.95)


Technician's Gauge Longer

Technicianís (Longer Length) Gauge
Designed for vehicle maintenance inspection that gives you an exact brake lining measurement remaining. Good for trailers and fleets without air ride suspensions.
Price: $22.00 (S&H $6.95)


Chamber Tech Tool

Chamber Tech Tool
Designed for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspector. Determines brake chamber size from Type 6 -Type 36. Heavy duty, stainless steel with engraved “Beyond Re-Adjustment Limit” chart!

Part #: 106-CHT                    Price: $47.00 (S&H $8.95)

Fleet Gauge

Fleet Gauge (Go-No Go)
Ideal for the Technician. For easy measuring of brake linings, Fleet Gauge has a change point indicator at one end, and “50% REMAINING” on other end.

Part #: 102-1FG2                                 Price: $10.00 (S&H $6.95)

Brake Mate Tool

Brake Mate Tool
Clutch or Brake Pedal Applicator
Holds the pedals down to adjust the clutch or check brake lighting or brake adjustment.

Part #: 100-BM700                              Price: $31.99 (S&H $13.95)

Cam Tech Tool

Cam Tech Tool
Easily identify whether the foundation assembly is designed for standard or extended service lining.

Part #: 106-CAT                                    Price: $8.95 (S&H $6.95)

Brake Boss Tool

Brake Boss Tool
This is a technician's wrench. Intended use is for backing-off over adjusted (tight) S-Cam brakes on trucks and trailers. Quality construction fits all slack adjuster screws!

Part #: 100-BB2000                             Price:  $29.95 (S&H $6.95)

Brake Boss Accessory Kit

Brake Boss Accessory Kit
Use as leverage to check adjuster free stroke 3/8 to 5/8" is suggested maximum.

Part #: 100-BB3            Price:  $13.00 (S&H $6.95)

Slack Adjuster lever

Slack Adjuster Lever
This tool enables you to quickly check the brake adjustment on class 7 and 8 trucks and trailers with S-cam brakes. It features a sturdy four-position handle to provide the leverage you need at the proper angle.

Part #: 5052                                          Price:  $40.00 (S&H $9.95)

Chain Safe

Chain Safe
For Roadside Inspectors to determine worn “Out-Of–Service” condition on Chains.

Part #: 104-CSF                                    Price: $21.00 (S&H $6.95)

Channel Lock 12-inch Air Brake Pliers

Channel Lock  12-inch Air Brake Pliers
For trucks and trailers with S-cam brake system using manual or automatic slack adjusters. Provides fast check of brake clearance between drum and brake shoe. Right angle teeth grip in all directions for maxi­mum bite and minimum wear. Patented undercut tongue and groove design assures no slip jaw action. Patented reinforcing edge minimizes stress breakage. Patented PermaLock® fastener eliminates nut and bolt failures. Distinctive CHANNELLOCK BLUE comfort grips.
Part #: 444                                                   Price:  $44.50 (S&H $9.95)

Digital Rotor Gauge

Digital Rotor Gauge
Storm digital rotor gauge for inspecting rotors before they’re turned or replaced.  Features include a digital display, inch/metric conversion, a pointed anvil, 3 ½” long arms, a range of 0-5 ½” or 0-140 mm and graduations of 0.001” or 0.01mm.
Part #: 3M430                      Price:  $70.00 (S&H $15.95)

Digital Drum Gauge

Digital Drum Guage
Storm digital drum wear limit gauge.  Features include a digital display, inch/metric conversion, range 6-22.00” or 150-156 mm and graduations of 1/32” or 1mm.
                                                                                                                                      Part #: 3B530       Price:  $180.00 (S&H $19.95)

Window Tint Meter 100

Laser Labs Model 100 Window Tint Meter

  • One piece construction
  • Use on Side Roll-down Windows
  • Reliable fast measurement
  • Includes calibration standards and plastic storage case

Part #: LL100                         Price:  $99.00 (S&H $9.95)

Window Tint Meter 200

Laser Labs Model 200 Window Tint Meter

  • Two piece construction
  • Use on Any Windows
  • Reliable fast measurement
  • Includes calibration standards and plastic storage case
Part #: LL200                        Price:  $159.00 (S&H $12.95)

Monroe PMP Pocket Detective 2.1 Window Tint and Reflectance Meter

Monroe PMP Pocket Detective 2.1 Window Tint and Reflectance Meter

  • Measures both light transmission and reflectance
  • Rugged two-piece construction
  • Use on any windows
  • Reliable fast measurement
  • Includes calibration standards and plastic storage case

Part #: PMPPD2-1            Price:  $399.00 (S&H $12.95)

Headlamp Intensity Meter

AIM 200 Automotive Headlamp Intensity Meter  

  • Hand Held
  • Measures Intensity in Kilo Candela (kcd)
  • Easy to Use, Just Point at Light and Read Meter
  • No Batteries Required

Part #: SYM200             Price:  $85.61(S&H $6.95)

Sound Measurement Equipment Package

Sound Measurement Equipment Package
A bundled package of the equipment needed to satisfy most motorcycle exhaust noise abatement regulations.  The package includes: ANSI 1.4 Type 2 Standard Sound Level Meter with Windscreen, Sound Level Calibrator, Engine Speed Tachometer, Anemometer and Aluminum Storage/Carrying Case.

Part #: SME1000             Price:  $729.00  (S&H $26.95)                   

Truck Inspection Tool
Truck Inspection Tool Diagram

Truck Inspector Tool
Fast and easy way to check truck essentials

A. Minimum steer tire tread depth (4/32”)
B. Minimum tire tread depth except steer tires (2/32”)
C. Minimum brake lining thickness - drum brakes (1/4”)
D. Maximum size for star or damage in windshield
E. Key chain hole (Not used for measuring)
F. Push Rod Stroke (2” and 2.5” strokes)

Part #: 106PKT             Price: $7.95 (S&H $6.80)                   



King Pin Gauge

King Pin Gauge
Fast and easy way to check king pin wear, height and squareness.

Part #: 106J700             Price: $34.95 (S&H $6.80)                  

Brake Chek Stroke Indicator

Brake Chek Stroke Indicators
Fast and easy way to check air brake adjustments.  Stays on vehicle.

Truck Kit Only
Part #:
100TK6             Price: $10.50 (S&H $6.80)                 

Truck and Trailer Kit
Part #:
100TK10             Price: $17.50 (S&H $6.80)                  

Air Brake Anchor Spring Pliers

Air Brake Anchor Spring Pliers for ArvinMeritor
For removing and installing anchor springs on ArvinMeritor Air Brake Systems.

Part #: 100-ABASP-2008           Price: $68.00 (S&H $10.95)                 

Brake Spring Tool

Brake Spring Tool
Designed for larger brake springs. 

This heavy duty tool is used to remove and install larger brake return springs.  It works on brakes with or without an anchor pin.

Part #: LIS-44800                     Price: $16.95 (S&H $6.80)                

CMVSC Tote Bag

CMVSC  Vertical Tote Bag
The Vertical Two-Tone Tote is made of sturdy canvas polyester and features a velcro enclosure.  

Size: 15 1/4"W x 15 1/2"H x 5"D

Part #: CMVT                                      Price:  $12.99 (S&H $6.95)

CMVSC Commuter Bag

CMVSC  Commuter Bag
The CMVSC Commuter Bag is like a traveling office!  The perfect bag for business - it boasts sturdy canvas polyester construction with a roomy interior pocket and cushioned laptop computer compartment. The front flap holds another quick access zippered storage area, and conveniently clips shut for worry-free travel. Additional features include an inside work station with cell phone, business card, glasses and assorted storage compartments. Adjustable and detachable, padded shoulder strap and comfort grab handle for carrying ease.

12 3/8"W x 14 1/2"H x 5"D
Part #: CMCB                                    Price:  $24.99 (S&H $13.95)

CMVSC Duffel Bag

CMVSC  Sport Duffel Bag
The CMVSC sport Duffel Bag is designed to be lightweight yet roomy. In addition to the spacious main compartment, this attractive bag is also outfitted with two convenient zippered pockets for additional storage. Comes with padded shoulder strap and handles for your carrying comfort.

Size: 22"W X 10 3/4"H x 10"D
Part #: CMDB                    Price:  $19.99 (S&H $13.95)

CMVSC Attache Bag

CMVSC Attaché
Made of canvas polyester, this casual briefcase comes with all the essentials to hold all of your office needs with three multi-function exterior pockets and additional interior pockets. Reinforced grab handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for your on-the-go comfort.

Size: 18” W x 13” H
Part #: CMAT                     Price:  $24.99 (S&H $13.95)

CMVSC Padfolio

CMVSC Padfolio
Made out of canvas polyester, the padfolio has a wrap around zipper and outside pocket. The padfolio gives sizable, secure space for notes, cards, etc., and comes with a lined notepad. Pad insert size 8 1/2" x 11".

Size: 10" W x 13" H.                                   

Part #: CMPF                         Price:  $12.99 (S&H $9.95)

CMVSC logo full-size on back of shirt

CMVSC “Hang Some Paper” T-Shirt
A very popular item, the “Hang Some Paper”   T-shirt is a Cotton/Polyester blend.                                            

Available in adult sizes M-L- XL-2XL-3XL (S&H $6.95)

Part #: CMHSP      Price: $9.99 (M-XL);    $12.99 (2XL-3XL)



The CMVSC hat is 100% cotton with adjustable Velcro band.  One size fits all.

Part #: CMH                  Price:  $5.99 (S&H $6.95)


This traditional CMVSC 11 oz. Ceramic Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

 Part #: CMM                                Price:  $4.99 (S&H $6.95)